“No wind seems favorable to those, who dont know their destination”

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)

Teaching Qualification

After studying humanities (including philology, history of art and Islamic studies with a master’s degree) and the 1st and 2nd state examination for the certification as secondary teacher at high school in Bonn and Paris, I have been teaching at secondary schools and schools for adult education. Parallel to this, I continued my academic education until my PhD (1987 with the grading “summa cum laude”) graduation.
Once my master’s examination completed, I have been working for over a year as a research assistant at the Department of Romanic Languages at Bonn University.
2019 I had been involved in several scientific projects at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (department interior design).

What drives me to go back to teaching again

Immanuel Kant’s moral imperative “The inhumanity that somebody else is suffering, destroys the humanity within me” is currently more relevant than ever before. Sensitizing young people’s awareness for ethical and moral issues by appealing to the personal responsibility of each individual has guided me throughout my teaching experience. Thinking patterns are currently changing, shifting from linear to disruptive thinking. Thanks to my personal and professional experience, interesting analogies can be drawn between yesterday and today. This involves traditional patterns and new approaches that take into account the increasing complexity of systems. The latter require a sovereign, creative and productive handling of disruptions and contradictions, allowing a new culture of error, that particularly in Germany we still find hard to accept.
In the context of academic education, it is of vital importance to enhance this new mindset, thus contributing to a future-oriented and sustainable society and economy.

Some examples of teaching activities

During last winter semester 2019/20, I have been teaching the seminars “Communication Theories”, “Text Communication and Advertising” and “Presentation Techniques” in the master’s degree course Interior Design at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

“One of the focal points in the master’s course in Interior Design at the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences is “Corporate Architecture”. Mrs. Hofmann gave us a profound understanding and insight in the world of marketing. The focus was on the analysis, meaning and methods in advertising, respecting the different media formats as well as the appropriate wording and communication channels. Being an enthusiastic lecturer endowed with empowerment, she taught us through her vocational experience valuable knowledge to better understand how today’s business society works and how to react accordingly in a complex business context. Her positive and professional manner was contagious. The result was an overall successful course.”

Sofia Ramirez-Kluge

“The seminars were truely diverse and the often complex topics were always communicated in a comprehensive manner. We learned important correlations and got to know relevant content when working with brands and customers – as a perfect preparation for our future business career. This also included successful communication and the sustainable use of different media.
Personal interaction always took place at eye level and was very respectful. This is why working with Mrs. Hofmann was a lot of fun, motivated and inspired us to regularly participate in the course.
Thank you for the great lectures! It really was a lot of fun for all of us.”

Tanja Baltensperger

“Thanks to Mrs. Hofmann’s high level of expertise and commitment, I learnt a lot and got a great input from her seminars as well as plenty of ideas and inspiration to put them into practice. As a lecturer she has done an excellent job. She has the gift to convince and motivate students through her professional way of communicating. It has brought each of us a big step forward in terms of personal and professional appearance.
I am very grateful to her for giving us a continuous constructive feedback, it has really helped us to gain overall understanding.
Thank you very much for your great seminars.”

Salome Lazariashvili

During the summer semester 2020, I have been teaching the module “marketing in the health sector” at the Hochschule Fresenius in Wiesbaden as part of the expiring bachelor’s program “Management and Economics in the Healthcare Sector”.

“Despite the impeded circumstances caused by the Corona crisis, Mrs. Hofmann gave us an insight into profound and up-to-date learning contents in the framework of the course “Marketing in the Health Care System”. At all times, the sessions was very varied and application-oriented. By using the method of group work and incorporating an exciting external lecturer, the lectures were fun and inspiring. Mrs. Hofmann had a very professional and convincing approach during her lectures and there was a pleasant exchange of ideas at eye level. We learnt a lot and got a good background for our further professional carrer.
Let me thank you for the very good cooperation!”

Florian Haubold

“Due to the corona pandemic, we had to hold lectures online, as no classroom-based lessons were allowed at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences from the very beginning of the summer semester.
We had weekly online meetings with Mrs. Hofmann and were therefore able to process the learning content without any time delay. The online lectures focused marketing topics in the health care sector. During the online sessions, we students were encouraged to elaborate particular tasks and to hold discussions in small groups.
The online lectures were very well structured and organized and despite the fact that we did not have any live presentations, the digital transmission of the learning content was exciting and diversified.
Thank you very much for the practical input, which will definitely help us in our professional career later on.”

Jennifer Sophie Kempfer

“Despite the severe restrictions in teaching due to the Corona crisis, Mrs. Hofmann succeeded in fostering my understanding for the related topics through a clear and professional structure of the seminars. The focus was primarily on the analysis and impact of various campaigns – also social media campaigns – of larger pharmaceutical companies and hospital chains. Interesting guest lectures gave me an insight in every day working realty. I will for sure benefit from this interesting content during my upcoming professional career.

Many thanks for your lectures!”

Michael Mönke

“Due to Covid-19, classroom-based events were not allowed and all lectures had been given online. Thanks to the cooperative character of Mrs. Hofmann, we were able to work together online depite the aggravated circumstances and thus we had not been delayed. The presentation of the topic ´marketing in the healthcare sector´, by incorporating group work and individual presentations, had been exciting and inspiring. Thanks to the structured teaching process, we did not experience any disadvantages in this state of emergency.

Thanks for the instructive teaching period built on pratical experience, that will for sure guide us in out future professional career.”

Anna Magdalena Bücher