“Wild Wild Web” by Tim Cole


Wild Wild Web The title of Tim Cole’s book “Wild Wild Web: What the history of the Wild West teaches us about the future of the Digital Society” from 2018 keeps its promise. In fact, it is amazing how clearly Cole compares the historic period of lawlessness in ​​the late 19th century in the Wild West of America with the … Read More

Human is the next big thing – machines become human

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The 7th Travel Technology Symposium took place under this auspicious motto “Human is the next big thing” on February 07, 2019 on the premises of Accenture in Kronberg, Germany. The always and again inspiring symposium of the Travel Industry Club (TIC) is supported by the cooperation partner Accenture. Accenture is currently the largest digital agency in the world, according to … Read More

“Automotive Suppliers in times of disruption” Get-Together of the automotive suppliers’ associations in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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ArGeZ – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zulieferindustrie – event Exciting discussions at yesterday’s event “Suppliers in times of disruption”, that was hosted by ArGeZ in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Around 130 decision-makers from the various segments of the automotive suppliers’ industry came together on January 31, 2019 to generate new ideas and thought-provoking impulses related to the topic ‘mobility of the future’. Against … Read More