Smart Textiles Symposium and Dornbirn-GFC, September 2018 in Dornbirn, Austria

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Lecture on automated communication tools for customer dialogue

Dr. Isa Hofmann will give a lecture in the framework of the upcoming Smart Textiles Symposium (September 12-13, 2018) in Dornbirn, Austria, on the opening day of the conference. The lecture is entitled: “New  opportunities in customer communication through artificial intelligence – from social bots to chatbots.“

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is step by step gaining more importance in everyday business of industrial and service companies. The application of artificial intelligence shall provide a ture added value in customer dialogue. In the next future always more services and products will rely on machine intelligence. In 2020 around 50 billion devices shall be interconnected. Machines take an active part in communication and contribute additional information. Communication modes are steadily changing, explode and thus produce a new level of complexity. Social networks  become sort of a traffic booster for the corporate website or the corporate blog and increase significantly the visibility of companies in the internet. The various platforms all have their specific principles.

Virtual avatars are steering automated communication processes

The so-called chatbots are still new tools, approximately since two years on the market. They are steering  automated communication processes between companies and their customers. Chatbots are text-based dialogue systems, that are able to communicate with humans and have a certain learning capacity. They are often applied in the customer service to relieve and free up staff people. They are only called in when the issue is getting too complex. A prompt servicer without any annoying waiting loops create a true added value for the customer.

Dr. Isa Hofmann will also guide through the first conference day and moderate the presentations.

 57th Global Fiber Congress Dornbirn – GFC from September 12-14, 2018 in Dornbirn

As a member of the program committee of GFC Dornbirn, Dr. Isa Hofmann has accepted the commitment to be the chairman of the program session “Transportation and mobility” on September 13, scheduled in the morning from 9:00 to 12:15 am.

The congress themes are:

  • Fiber Innovations
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Recycling – Circular Economy
  • Engery-Generation and -storage
  • Surface Modification and Additive Technologies