Intelligent software recipes at Ammersee Communications Days June 6-7, 2018 in Munich, Germany

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Thomas Schneider, CEO Inovoo GmbH, Ammersee Communication Days 2018
Thomas Schneider, CEO Inovoo GmbH, Ammersee Communication Days 2018
Intelligent software recipes in the era of digital transformation

Early June, the renowned software provider inovoo, based in Inning, Germany, invited to its annual network event “Ammersee Communications Days” at the Bamberger Haus in Munich, Germany. Around 60 participants, including network partners working together with innovoo, such as apsec, foxit, Governikus and Wilken, got inspired with solution-oriented lectures, best practice reports and workshops.

Taking decisions in uncertainty

Key topics included omnichannel marketing and smartphone-compatible mobile communication solutions. Guido Vogt from Voba Development has described very impressively what means the paradigm shift in relationship management and management culture for companies. His keynote entitled “Actively shaping digital change – moving reality through systemic approaches in change processes” focused primarily on change processes in companies and how to efficiently work together. It is important to accept uncertainty, says Vogt, because decisions are always taken in uncertainty. “How do I know what you mean when I hear what you say?” It’s about scrutinizing the mindset of human resource and developing new ways of creative collaboration.

Software recipes for the digital transformation

“I have my car on my arm or in my pocket”, summarizes Thomas Schneider, managing director of inovoo GmbH, Inning, Germany, the rapid development towards mobile first solutions. The intelligent interconnectedness of different processes through smart software solutions like apps generates enormous time and cost savings. In times of omni-channel marketing and personalized customer communication, information must be generated in real time. The added value for all parties involved is immediately noticeable. And above all, changes can be initiated even with a moderate budget. “Digitization pains are different for every company and accordingly we attune to those in a customized digital strategy.” It is not primarily about introducing the latest technology. The effort of interlinking different communication processes should always be planned with respect to the added value and the respective benefit for the customer, says Schneider.

Integrating information in real time – a true added value

Above all, it is important to merge island solutions within a company and thus increase efficiency. A decisive advantage of the inovoo software solutions  is their easy handling. The customer can independently operate the tools, excessive programming effort are avoided, the costs remain moderate. The software is used in a franchise process and costs are charged according to transactions. The process apps can be used for very different applications and in various economic sectors, for banks, insurance companies, public institutions. With the help of mobile devices, information and documents can be integrated in real-time into existing business processes, a true added value in customer communication.

The next Ammersee Communications Days will take place from June 5-6, 2019.