AGORADA 2018 Conference June 20: Dr. Isa Hofmann is Keynote Speaker in Charleroi, Belgium

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Dr. Isa Hofmann is the Watify keynote speaker at the upcoming AGORADA 2018 conference taking part in Charleroi, Belgium June 20, 2018. The conference runs under the motto “Opportunities and success stories from Industry 4.0”.

Watify for modernizing european industry

Watify – Boosting Technological Transformation – is an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission. This European initiative is geared to stimulate the modernization of European industry and wants to help traditional businesses in their technological transformation. The campaign intends to promote the digital transformation of SMEs and along with this bring forward key enabling technologies. “WATIFY seeks to boost the rate of European industrial modernisation through increased productivity and efficiency, resulting in improved competitiveness and job creation.”

Dr. Isa Hofmann gives two lectures June 20

Dr. Isa Hofmann has been assigned to give two separate lectures. The first one is opening the afternoon session and will be taking a deeper look at “Successful business models in the era of increasing digitization”. Digitization is triggering a paradigm shift that we feel always more every day. It is breaking up market structures and changing the rules of the game extremely fast. New business models sprout up like mushrooms on greenfield site. The main focus is on the customer: smart products and smart services are on demand.

The second lecture will investigate “The human resource challenges of digital leadership” later in the afternoon. Digital transformation is more a matter of leadership than of technology. Companies need a holistic and systemic knowledge and understanding about digital change. It is all about creating awareness for the ongoing digital transformation and adapting the mindset of staff members, empower and move them.

A panel discussion with experts from the regional government, business development and global research presented by Isa Hofmann will evaluate the challenges and opportunities for regional redeployment.

You will find further information about the conference under the following link: