Customer Dialogue of the Future

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Martin Nitsche ©UliGasper_ULIPHOTO.DE
In the digital era, the need for communication increases

With constantly new customer requirements and the multi-optional selection of digital channels and formats, the need for transparency is growing, especially among medium-sized companies. How can I make good use of the huge amount of available data for my business model and optimally align and get interconnected with my customers?

In the course of digitization, every user leaves personal marks in the internet. These are valuable information for companies. Data are considered as the “new gold” or “oil” of the 21st century. Artificial intelligence offers new possibilities to systematically penetrate the data jungle and to find individual answers and solutions.

An event organized by the Marketing Club Frankfurt on April 24, in the Frankfurt Opera Tower was about the topics big data and artificial intelligence and how increasing digitization is influencing and changing marketing and customer dialogue.

“Customer Dialogue of the Future: Marketing & Life in a data-driven world”

Martin Nitsche, President of DDV German Dialogue Marketing Association e.V. / Managing Director, Solveta GmbH gave an impressive speech on the topic: “Customer Dialogue of the Future: Marketing & Life in a data-driven world”. The paradigm shift, according to Nitsche, is mainly due to the fact that data in the past have been generated by humans, while in the future they are generated by intelligent systems. The exponential growth of data every 18 months according to Moore’s Law means that we will soon be generating a huge amount of data that is beyond human intelligence.

Human intelligence is supplemented and increasingly replaced by artificial intelligence, says Nitsche. This trend is enhanced by the successive interconnectedness of all items with each other. By 2020, it is predicted that around 50 billion devices or things will be interconnected. He raised the provocative questions “Is your marketing already connected to the Internet of Things? Are you already connected to your customers? Did you already think about how to get access to your data sources?”.

Amazon Prime has already demonstrated with the Dash Buttons how companies manage to become permanent suppliers. When it comes to conversational commerce, Chinese people are easily three decades ahead of us. They take it for granted to use those smart offers. Nitsche talks about his experience in China.  At the world’s largest online shopping event, Chinese Singles’ Day (November 11), $ 25,3 billion were spent within one day. Almost 90 percent of those orders were made via mobile devices. Voice control and artificial intelligence play a very important role in this context. There is a strong trend towards messaging and chat applications, as well as voice control – such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri and various others. Those are the new channels of interaction between consumers and companies or brands. The interaction between humans and computers via messengers and bots is in full swing with a more or less high degree of intelligence of the bots. In a foreseeable future, they will become an integral part of our everyday life.