Market for PPE shows interesting growth rate of more than 7 percent in the upcoming years


Global Market Insights Inc., a US market research provider, is forecasting a tremendous growth rate for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the next six years. Until 2023 the worldwide market is forecast to hit USD 67,6 billion with an annual growth rate of more than 7 percent. The background are – according to the study – rising employee safety and the high expenditures due to work-related accidents. Preventive measures shall be taken to minimize or avoid those accidents.

Panel discussion, MFC Dornbirn, Austria

MFC Dornbirn

The panel discussion on the occasion of MFC in Dornbirn September 14 wil be about the exciting topic of Personal Protective Equipment. The title of the panel discussion  is: “The endless saga of ultra-light & ingenious performance features: What’s next?”. Apart from Evelyne Orndoff, a long-standing material expert and researcher coming directly from the NASA (USA) in Houston 5 industry representatives from 5 different nations will discuss the status quo and future scenario of this industrial sector.
The discussion partners are:
-Michael Stanhope, Global Vice President Innovation and Quality Assurance, TenCate (USA),
-Oliver Spöcker, Global Sales Director Lenzing FR (AT),
-Pierluigi Berardi, Vice President Global Marketing and R&D Nilit (Israel/Italien),
-Giovanni Henssen, Business Development Manager EMEA/Performance Apparel , DSM Dyneema (NL),
-Helmut Zepf, Vice President International Sales & Marketing, PBI Performance Products (USA/Germany).

During the last 30 years we experienced a significant increase as far as requirements in functionality and lightness of protective textiles is concerned. Fabric weights have halved incorporating simultaneously enhanced and complex functionalities. Whether it is odor control, temperature and moisture management, UV or radiation protection. Protection against mechanical or chemical substances towards monitoring of vital parameters. How to bring all those requirements together? To what extent ultralight and multifunctional is a contradiction? It is even getting more complex when looking at protective gear for space. Yet completely other parameters and requirements are coming on board. When planning missions in “deep space” astronauts need protection against mortal radiation. Residence in zero gravitiy presents numerous health risks that need to be minimized with respective equipment. I am extremely delighted to moderate and chair this exciting panel discussion next week.

MFC (Man-made Fibers Congress) Dornbirn, Austria

Panel discussion: “The endless saga of ultra-light & ingenious performance features: What’s next?”
When: Thursday, September 14, 2017; 4:45 pm
Where: Hall B
Moderation: Dr. Isa Hofmann