Mwoo: fascinating product idea of Stimul´activ discovered on the ocassion of Med-e-Tel in Luxembourg


A new tool for autistic persons:

At Med-e-Tel 2017 in Luxembourg (April 5-7, 2017) we discovered an interesting product development from French brand Stimul’Activ ( Mwoo, an active toy/companion for persons with autism or multiple disabilities. Based on current research results, that only by triggering physical stimuli there is a chance to reach patients with progressive disease symptoms, this “emotional robot” has been developed.  The Fondation Orange Autism has financed the development of the first 22 prototypes. Mwoo is conceived as a mascot and continuous compagnon for persons with autism spectrum disorder. He is emitting mechanical and visual signals and is made of a food-safe silicone material with a pleasant feeling on the skin. Additional features like information exchange and odor stimulation are in progress.