Kiron: online university with true pioneering spirit



Dr. Isa Hofmann ambassador to the educational initiative Kiron

Dr. Isa Hofmann, managing director IHOFMANN has recently joined the Kiron competence pool. Kiron is an online university with a true pioneering spirit, that gives refugees and asylum seekers the access to education through a combined study online and on a university campus. To date 16 universities and institutions of learning have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership with Kiron.

Isa Hofmann comments her commitment: “I feel this educational challenge is an exemplary initiative and I would like to contribute via my professional and private network to increase the knowledge of Kiron and to open up a variety of new opportunities for Kiron as a start-up.”

According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) around 60 million people worldwide are on the run. Among those, more than 50 percent are under the age of 18. Only 1 percent of those young refugees are enrolled in tertiary education (source: UNHCR/Kiron).

The access to education and a self-determined life are however elementary constituents  for a successful integration in Germany or elsewhere in the world. We want to help communicate this vision to the world a fair bit of the way.

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