Noble Biomaterials Inc.: X-STATIC is a true alternative to existing solutions with carbon

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  • X-STATIC® silver technology fulfills all requirements for operating rooms by combining antistatic and antimicrobial properties
  • Brand awareness increases significantly in European core markets
  • Due to its multifunctional properties X-STATIC® is a true alternative to existing solutions with carbon


US-manufacturer Noble Biomaterials Inc. is a global expert in providing antimicrobial and anti-odor technologies for performance fabrics as well as for smart textiles applications. In the US X-STATIC® has become a widely accepted highly efficient technology for infection prevention. Among the well-recognized partners are: ArcCom (, Infinitude Clothing (, Encompass (, Core 61 ( or NMI Health ( In Europe X-STATIC® is on its course for growth: In the Benelux countries market penetration in hospital garments used in operating rooms and intensive care units reaches already 80 percent. In the core European markets there has been a noticeable increase in brand awareness as a result of the positive experiences acquired in the application.[…] read more